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Book suggestions

Greg Bear: Darwin's Radio (German title: Das Darwin Virus): Don't bother buying this book, no matter whether you are Genetic Algorithms fan or not. If you like sci-fi at least a little, buy this book! You won't want your mom calling you for lunch or dinner until you've finished it! Believe me or you get your money back :-)

Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen: The Science of Discworld 3: Darwin's Watch (German title: Darwin und die Götter der Scheibenwelt). A really great book with alternating science (biology, physics) and science-fiction chapters. The science sections are elaborated sophisticatedly, the writing is clearly and well understandable by the reader. 


Testing Darwin

An Educators Guide To: Testing Darwin

Glas Sponge inspires scientists (in German)

Zoological entry of the glass sponge (Euplectella)

Calculating eyes (in German)

Metapopulation Research Group

Conducts research on the biology of species inhabiting fragmented landscapes. They combine ecological, molecular, computational, and theoretical approaches in the same projects. They  encourage work that applies the core concepts of metapopulation biology to management and conservation of landscapes and biodiversity.

A prediction service for identifying putative N-terminal targeting sequences

Evolutionary Algorithms & Related

RobocodeJGAP: Evolve full-blowsn Java programs with JGAP: Create robots and take part in a battle, rank with your robots

Reformulating Software Engineering as a Search Problem: Using metaheuristics to solve Software Engineering problems

A neural network for Java Lego robots: Learn to program intelligent Lego Mindstorms robots with Java

AI depot: Do The Evolution: Introduction to common concepts

Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms: Paste your sequence into the linked document. The sequence(s) should be in FastA or Genbank format, otherwise the sequence is assumed to be a single untitled raw sequence.

Parallel implementation of an EA

Simulated Annealing: Simulated annealing (SA) is a generic probabilistic meta-algorithm for the global optimization problem, namely locating a good approximation to the global optimum of a given function in a large search space. It was independently invented by S. Kirkpatrick, C. D. Gelatt and M. P. Vecchi in 1983, and by V. Cerny in 1985.

Genetic Algorithms & Real-World Applications: Problem solving and in-circuit emulators (from Dr. Dobb's Journal, April 2004)

Information processing

Biologists turn text miners to dig for results

VGRID: Vgrid is a grid computing system that allows to connect computers to share their computing power and form a virtual supercomputer. The computers may be common business computers and they might be connected by widely available networks like LANs or the internet.


Avida (Documentation)

GTJoone: GreenTea-enbled pure Java-based open-source distributed Artificial Neural Networks package that is based on pure Java open source Joone package. It usually takes a long time to train a neural network. The GTJoone package allows to masssively and quickly train a neural network without the need of heavy/super computers.

GALE: GALE is a Genetic-Based Machine Learning (GBML) algorithm for data mining. It exploits fine-grained parallelisms and knowledge independence to evolve different knowledge representations.

Other software related to JGAP could be found on  the references page.


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