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What is a Grid?

A grid in our case is a distributed computing environment where as many independent computers as possible work on a set of problems. These computers are called workers. Each worker receives tasks from a server, the master. The master gets fed in problems by people like you and me. After that, the master splits those problems into handy units where each single unit will be processed on a single worker. After a worker has done its work for one unit, the result can be sent back to the master. The master in turn uses the result to advance the solution, or in the best case stop because a satisfactory solution has been found.

Who can participate and how?

Currently, the master and worker program units are finished. What we are working on is providing an infrastructure.

If you have a Java-installed computer and want to share some processing power (e.g. screensaver like, when your machine is in idle mode) you are a wanted person here :-)

In case you want to be part of the Grid, and maybe want your problems solved with help of many machines, please don't hesitate writing a mail to: jgap <at> doktor-meffert.de

This site will be updated as soon as program units for master and workers are available.


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